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What Kind Of Pot Lights Should I Buy 2020

What Kind Of Pot Lights Should I Buy 2020
what kind of pot lights should I buy 2020

Pot lights are continuously changing technology. Let out years of experience help you make your decision as to what kind of pot lights should I buy 2020. There are many to choose from and it can be confusing.

The most popular pot lights for 2020 are they wafer style led. These pot lights can be installed in any ceiling of any type in any location. They are a breeze to install and the most cost effective.

What Kind Of Pot Lights Should I Buy 2020

We found the best type of pot light to buy is the LED recessed.

The trim is part of the LED fixture. Great colour temperature select and they are very cost-effective.

They actually have an anodized aluminum frame that makes them great for wet or damp locations.

Pot lights can to be installed inside a soffet or in a shower. They have two clips on the back of the trim that holds the trim and securely to the installation.

They also come with a rubber flange gasket seal any moisture or can serve as an air barrier.

Pot lights are aesthetically pleasing and can come in a variety of colours but most are white standard color.

For more on this product check our recommended products page here.

Common Types Of What Kind Of Pot Lights Should I Buy 2020

The newest type of common lights are the new LEDs. h

However you can still buy a variety of different kinds spotlights.

You can still get can lights up to the ceiling with a variety for different rooms. The box stores still sell them, although our electrical suppliers are now getting away from them.

It may be cheaper or equivalent to an LED however the labor is more to install.

The problem with installing a can lights is that you’re limited to location for the installation.

During installation if you get a joist cavity and you need to move potlight. You cannot cut for the joists.

This results in more holes and work and more labor to get the job done.

What Kind Of Pot Lights Should I Buy 2020 To Last?

If it’s quality you were looking for then you would definitely want to select LED technology which will last 25 to 30 years and 100 to 160,000 hours of reading on time.

This will apply for any standard led pot light on the market today.

With the hundreds upon hundreds that we have installed the only ever had one or two malfunctions.

As we worked her self out of a job installing these we know we don’t get any callbacks, definitely the way to go.

Should I Use 4 Inch Or 6 Inch?

Whether or not you should use 4 inch or 6 inch pot lights really customer preference.

Four inch lights look nice however you will need to use more of them in a higher ceiling to get the same light output.

Six inch are better for low ceilings as they project more light levels.

You can also get them as low as 3 inch and even as high as 5 inch.

Are Recessed Lights Outdated?

Recessed lighting or pot lighting are not going anywhere. They are just as popular as they were in the past, and they give very nice light.

Combined with different kinds of lighting they can accent a room very nicely.

Most newer homes people ask to have pot lights installed.

What About Those Pot lights With The Can?

what kind of pot lights should i buy 2020

As mentioned above we are starting to get away from the canned lights as they are harder to install.

They limit us to where we can install them. You can still buy them as a replacement but anything new we find ourselves installing the new style LED.

How Far Apart Should I Space My Pot Lights

Generally we go 3 to 4 feet of spacing between pot lights.

In higher ceilings we can go up to 6 feet apart. This allows more of a wash by the time it hits the floor to like the area.

The lower the ceiling height in the closer you want to go with pot lights to reflect on the floor like the area adequately.

Should also consider going at least 3 feet of wall space when laying out your pot light plans.

In larger rooms its recommended that you go with larger pot lights for the space. This will make the ceiling look better.

Do Led Pot Lights Have A Color Selection?

You can buy LED pot lights specifically rated for a colour temperature select.

They come in a standard 2700 k which is a warm low light level. They give the appearance of the old style halogen bulb that everyone likes so much.

The next brightness is 3000 k which is a little brighter than 2700 k but still give a warm light color.

There is also 4000k and 5000 k light levels. Obviously these two light levels are much brighter however they give a white light.

This is mainly used for task lighting and office buildings.

Some newer led lights have color temperature select. Which means there is a switch on the back of the light allowing you to select the light output color.

Can I Dim Led Pot Lights ?

Yes most newer pot lights can be dimmed. Be careful when you make a purchase on your dimmer to be sure that is an LED style dimmer.

If you try to hook up new LED lights do an old style dimmer then you might get a surprise.

Old style dimmers will not work with newer electronics in the LED light. This usually causes the LED light to flash or flicker.

When you purchase a dimmer it will say right on it but there it is rated for LED lights or not.

Dimmers will also come with a single or double switch location or both.

This is so you can switch multiple lights from different locations.

You can also buy smart dimmers so be careful when you make your purchase that the dimmer is rated for the proper application.

What Is The Difference Between Can Lights And Recessed Lights ?

Well at one point they were exactly the same a can light was a pot light or recessed light.

Now there is a difference between them.

A can light has a can behind it in which houses the light bulb and trim for the pot light.

An led newer style light is the light and the trim all in one. The led head is built right into the trim so if it ever blows the whole trim need s to be replaced.

No worries though most of the newer led lights last for 100000 hours so you won’t need to replace them.

The connections for the led are done in a separate electrical box that plugs into the led trim.

what kind of pot lights should i buy 2020

Do These Led Pots Come In Different Brightness?

As mentioned above led pot lights do come in different brightness’s according to their K rating.

It is important not to get them mixed up if you have several pot lights in the same room.

It would just look odd.