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Light Bulb Watts To Amps

Light Bulb Watts To Amps

How to calculate light bulb watts to amps is easy for your electrical plan project. It is simple math and adding up the number of bulbs.

As a general rule one would take the wattage information of the light bulb and divide it by the available voltage. this would reveal the amperage of the bulb. One would then simply add up the amperage of the amount of bulbs in the circuit until the circuit limit is reached.

We will show you some examples below so keep reading.


light bulb watts to amps
Bulb WattsVoltageAmpsLimit For Circuit
60 watt 120.515 amp max 12 amps 1500 watts max
100 watt120.820 amp max 16 amps 1920 watts max
200 watt1201.630 amp max 24 amps 2880 watts max

1. How to calculate light bulb watts to amps

Another way to do it is just add up your wattages until you reach the circuit limit. Especially with LED bulbs as the draw on the crt is so little. As an example for a 7 watt led bulb. You can would take 1500 watts divided by 7 and get 214 bulbs.

You can only load up the amperage of the circuit to 80 percent of it’s factor. For larger lighting loads in a commercial setting one can use a contactor to turn off and on from one switch location with several circuits of 30 amp respectively.

Weather you use the adding wattage method or divide into the volts and add your amps these are still 2 ways how to calculate light bulb watts to amps.

2. How do I convert light bulb watts to amps?

Simple Ohms Law Formula Amps (i)= watts/ volts so 1000 watts / 120 volts = 8.3 amps of draw to produce that power output.

Now that you have the electrical information you can convert the light bulb watts to amps, that is the higher measure of power. Remember a lower is better. Watt: The number of newtons of electrical energy created by the filament of the lamp. Amps: The actual current or power produced by the lamp. The Watts A Watt is defined as: 1 Joule equals 1 newton times the temperature.

Thus if the temperature is hot then 1 Watt would be equal to 1 Newton per second. A Joule is the basic unit of electricity. This unit is so named because it converts one pound of heat to one Joule, that’s about equal to the heat produced by cooking 1 pound of hamburger meat. The Watt One Watt equals the electrical energy used to light one 100-watt bulb for one hour at 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12 Degrees Celcius).

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3.What wattage should a ceiling light be to convert light bulb watts to amps?

A ceiling light, lighting to illuminate a space, should never be higher than 150 watt. This is the highest wattage that an American home wall fixture is permitted to be. Why? Because one should use ceiling lighting where the occupants can easily see the light. When a ceiling light is placed in the living area, you should consider something like a single pane of double glazed glass, so that you can view your ceiling fixture.

There is also a regulation that is imposed by our National Electric Code that states you cannot use a light fixture that has a wattage higher than 150 watts. This code limit does not have anything to do with the amount of light the fixture emits. Always follow the nameplate data on the back or side of the fixture to see what the max wattage is.

4. What is the maximum wattage for a light fixture?

For any light fixture it will have a rated max wattage on the fixture itself per socket. In any case residential light fixtures are usually a max of 150 watts per socket and less. Even smaller wattage if the light fixture has shades because the heat has to dissipate properly.

In any case this is not something that one needs to worry about anymore as everything has gone to led bulbs or led fixtures. These create a faction of the heat and a faction of the wattage. For example a 100 watt incandescent bulb is now a 9 watt led. Even less than its predecessor the cfl compact fluorescent which was 13 watts to 100.

5. How many amps does a 200 watt LED light draw?

The typical 200 watt LED light bulb is required for the typical 3500 sq ft home yard light or street light. On a 750 W panel, the wattage requirement for this size bulb is approximately 1000 watts. Therefore, there are: 2*1500 = 2,500 watts available. 500*1000 = 3,000 watts available 3,000 * 2000 = 4,000 watts available.

These numbers will also be useful for your electrical estimating project. 5. How to Calculate Light Bulb Wattage to Amps Light bulb wattage to amps is also easy, it is just like the example above it will take the amount of bulb wattage and divide by available voltage to reveal the amount of amps in the bulb. It is a very simple formula for checking voltage and amperage, but can be used for a number of other purposes.

6. How can I tell the wattage of a light bulb?

Wattage of light bulb depends upon its filament. An LED light bulb uses a phosphor that gives off light. Phosphor is a material that when struck by electrons gives off light. Warming a filament up to its maximum temperature and then expanding the filament allows the material to emit more light.

A filament attached to a light bulb can therefore have different material than a light bulb, but that material is referred to as the lamp ballast. The lamp ballast in the bulb’s filament connects to the incoming 110 volts AC and provides the only way for the light bulb to be regulated, this prevents too much of the light from being emitted and lets the light rise over the bulb. The bulbs wattage should be marked on the side of the bulb or top. Short of that you will need an electric tester or watt hour meter to calculate it. If it is an old bulb and its rubbed off, chances are you should throw it out.

7.How many LEDS can be on a 20 amp circuit?

The electrical code states that you can not have anymore that 12 outlets, meaning light points on any residential circuit. However if you dedicate a circuit just for lights and they are pre manufactured to only except a certain wattage . You are permitted to go beyond the 12 rule.

There are two types of bulbs, incandescent and LED. In an incandescent bulb it is typically 0.001 watts and you will need one bulb to have 5 bulbs working at once. LEDS have approximately 1-1.5 watts per bulb so you will only need one to have 5 bulbs working. These led “clusters” in series are internally soldered together to get the desired light output from the finished product. Since the led watt output is so low this is why you can run so many on one circuit.

LEDS are a whole lot brighter than incandescent and often times you will not even need to use additional bulbs. The only reason to use incandescent is because they use much more electricity. Dimensions of light bulb Keep in mind that the average light bulb is 4.6 inches in diameter and 35 inches long. The space between the filament and the frosted glass is typically .87 inches and there is a wire behind the glass.

8. How many things can you run off a 15 amp breaker?

15 Amp Car chargers,Radios, Laptops, DVD Players ,Computers, power bars, Televisions. You get the picture, anything that draws 15 amps or less which is usually marked on the back of the device. If not it would be a maximum wattage of 1800 watts.

A light bulb The math of using the 15A is very simple using this simple formula: 15A x . . 10(v) = 1.25 Watts This is why the circuit breaker only needs to be able to handle 1 watt of current. 15A x . . 20(v) = 2.00 Watts. The voltage is added up in series internally inside the led bulb to get 120volt etc.

That is why it is best to build a light bulb circuit in a safe environment to see just how much amperage you are able to put through the light bulb. Examine Your Favorite LED Bulb One of the greatest items for electrical value are some of the best LED bulbs.

9.How many LED lights can you put on one switch?

According to many LED light bulbs should be able to handle only one light source, depending on the type of LED bulb. LED lights have many different colors so it is really a matter of where and how you plan to mount the lights. You can always go ahead and buy more LED lights. LED lights also have life span of years and can be reused over and over again. Conclusion LED light bulbs is one of the most efficient light source you can buy for a cheap price. LED bulbs don’t need any light source and any kind of electricity. LED bulbs are inexpensive, you can buy it from your local store and have it for your lamps, plant lamps, coffee machine and coffee maker and other appliances.

Take the list of lumens the bulb is capable of emitting for the sockets that you want to install them in. Take the amperage of the bulb the amperage your light socket will produce and then divide that amperage by the available voltages. The higher the amperage of the bulb you use, the more watts you will be using. It is simple math and it will get the job done. If you go to the store, buy the amperage that you need for your bulb and install that bulb into a light socket make sure you know the wattage and amperage it will use.

10. How many led lights can you put on a dimmer?

First and foremost you must match the two. Check to see if the led lights are dimmable. Then check to make sure the dimmer is rated to dim leds. If the two do not match you will get a flashing effect from the leds. Very unpleasant.

This is common in older houses when you update your old light bulbs to led style and that old rotary turn dimmer on the wall won’t handle them. It has only been about the last 10 years that led dimmers have caught up to the led technology.

A typical led dimmer will handle 600 watts led rated. Special order dimmers can be up to 1000 watts. So in short that is a lot of led light lol. The only application i could possible think of using a dimmer this large would be a rec hall with pot lights that need to be dimmed for a wedding.

We hoped this article helped you better understand how to easily calculate light bulb watts to amps.