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How To Reset GFCI Outlet No Buttons

How To Reset GFCI Outlet No Buttons

Do you have a plug that won’t work and wonder how to reset a gfci outlet no buttons? The answer is easier than you think.

A GFCI protected outlet means that it is attached to a gfci circuit, breaker or plug. All you need to do is find the other outlet protecting the one that is not working and press reset.

How To Reset GFCI Outlet No Buttons?

Chances are if you have an outlet with a marking on it protected GFCI. This indicates that somewhere in your dwelling that this outlet is down fed off of that GFCI receptacle.

This receptacle could be an outside receptacle it could also be in the bathroom.

The main reset would be on the main GFCI.

So in order to get the outlet working that doesn’t have a reset you will need to find or locate this main GFCI receptacle.

Firmly press test and then reset which should resolve the issue.

how to reset a gfci outlet with no buttons

How To Reset GFCI Outlet No Buttons Anywhere?

If you have some receptacles that are marked GFCI protected and you cannot find any reset button anywhere. This is an indication that you most likely have a GFCI breaker.

The breaker will be located inside your panel box in which is the area you will need to reset this.

You could also have what we described called as a faceless GFI.

This would also be located in your panel box or next to your panel box.

In some instances these project on ground wires and can be also located in attic’s or basements.

Just be aware and look for the face of GFI with the reset and the test button.


What Is A Faceless GFCI?

A faceless GFCI is the same as a regular GFCI however it has no place to plug anything in.

It is simply just a pass-through for GFCI protection.

The actual faceless GFCI looks like a receptacle but the face is flat with just reset the test button.

This is a cheaper method for us to install instead of a GFCI breaker breaker.

We often use is on 120 volt loads like small hot tubs or anything around moisture that needs GFCI protection.

As mentioned above if you have other receptacles that do not have a reset button look for this type of GFCI.

We often put these next to the consumers panel or possibly in the basement.

This type of GFCI also protects non grounded circuits.

We often use these to bring home up to code because it acts like a false ground.

We are permitted by our inspection authority to use these.

It is a better solution instead of rewiring the whole home. This can often protect a number of circuits.

Is A GFCI Breaker Better Than An Outlet?

Yes a GFCI breaker is better than the outlet.

The problem is a GFCI breaker is about $80 and an outlet is only about $20.

Preferably if you have a number of outside plugs, say six or more than you are better off to get a GFCI breaker.

This is better for several reasons.

Firstly you do not have to worry about moisture getting into the GFCI.

This will save you a nuisance tripping. It will also save you having to worry about the outlet getting wet.

Plus it’s much nicer to reset the breaker in your panel then it is to go outside.

Can You Reset A GFCI With No Power?

The answer to that question is yes and no.

Let’s explain. When you install a GFCI receptacle for the first time you cannot test or reset it until you turn the power on.

Once the power is turned on inside the GFCI receptacle then you can depress the reset button and make it work for the first time.

After this has been done if you get a power bump or a power loss you can hit test and reset button.

Keep in mind that not all GFCI’s are equal and they all have different features.

Why Does It Keep Tripping?

If a GFCI receptacle keeps tripping it could be for a number of different reasons however the most common reason would be moisture detection.

These outlets detect any type of moisture which could be from the air or water seeping into the outlet.

You’ll need to get it dried reset it, otherwise it will just keep tripping.

If you have moisture right inside the GFCI receptacle then you could be in a situation where you have to replace it.

This is common with outdoor GFCI receptacles which is why we prefer to use a GFCI breaker.

If you have any kinds of cords plugged into the GFCI outlet this can also cause it to trip if the GFCI is outdoors.

Any bit of water that gets an extension cord to pick up moisture and causes a trip.

This also applies for all kinds of lights including garden lights, low-voltage lights and transformers that runs the low-voltage lights when gets wet will cause a GFCI the trip.

Do I Need To Have A GFCI Outlet?

You are required by code to have a GFCI protected receptacle either a GFCI or GFCI breaker protecting the receptacle within 1.5 m of any water source.

This includes kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, whirlpool tub’s, swimming pools and outdoor receptacles.

Basically anywhere moisture can get out the receptacle you need to have a GFCI.

The GFCI detects voltage to ground protect you from getting electrocuted.

Why Is It Flashing Red?

Although all GFCI receptacle models are a little bit different and how they tell you they’re working, one thing seems to be common between all of them.

When you see a flashing red light on the GFCI receptacle. This means it’s time to replace the receptacle.

No matter what you do you cannot reset the receptacle so you might as well have it replaced.

Sometimes these can be a manufactures defect, or a little bit of moisture can cause these to go faulty and need to be replaced.

Unfortunately this is one of the largest things we see, a flashing red reset button which can’t be reset.

Be aware that some models of GFCI receptacles do not have a red light on them.

Some models of GFCI receptacles have just a greenlight only.

This green light stays consistently lit unless the GFCI goes out.

I guess you could look at it as green means go. If the green light is out then you’ll need to reset, it if it does not reset then it will need to be replaced.

How To Reset A GFCI Breaker

You would reset the GFCI breaker just the same as you would reset normal breaker.

Depressed a position to all the way off and then back on again.

You may want to take your other index finger to hold down on the breaker why you do this. It’s a breaker continues to trip then you most likely have a problem with moisture somewhere in circuit.

Let the circuit dry out for a while and try again.

It is worth mentioning that when the GFCI breaker is tripped it will go to the center position of the breaker between on and off.

Sometimes you do not notices so it is difficult to see that it is tripped.

It can also feel spongy to the touch when you try to put it back to the off position.

Sometimes you will need to firmly grab a hold of the front of the breaker and push it back to the reset position quite hard.

This will reengage is the spring and will allow the GFCI breaker to reset. As you can see not all outlets are easy to reset when you have an issue.

We hope this helped a little as to how to reset a gfci outlet with no buttons.

If you are interested in some of the products we recommend including higher qualify outlets so you don’t run into this problem again….