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How To Install Pot Lights In A Vaulted Ceiling

How To Install Pot Lights In A Vaulted Ceiling

Are you wondering how to install pot lights in a vaulted ceiling? Let our years of installing them help guide you through it.

Have a clear plan to install, since will most likely not have access to the attic space above you will have to fish the wires from light to light. Install gimble style pot lights so they can angle straight down.

How To Install Pot Lights In A Vaulted Ceiling

When we install the pot lights in a vaulted ceiling we always check with our customer first to see what they would like to have.

how to install pot lights in a vaulted ceiling

Installing pot lights can be a little tricky especially in a vaulted ceiling since there is no attic access access usually.

We always install a newer style LED pot lights with a gimbal style trim.

The gimbal style trim rotates up to a 45° angle so that he can make up for the offsite with the vaulted ceiling.

This allows for the pot light to aim straight down at the floor so it’s not shining in your eyes when you’re looking up at the ceiling.

It also allows us to pointed in the exact spot and wash the floor with the correct amount of light.


How To Install Pot Lights In A Vaulted Ceiling With No Access

Installing pot lights without attic access is a little more tricky.

When we use the LED pot lights we use these for a reason. The newer style LED pot lights do not have a box to mount behind them or can ask for say just a small little junction box.

This allows us to drill for holes wherever we like and not worry about ceiling rafters or joists being in the way.

Some fishing is usually involved so it this point we try to line the lights up in a straight line.

It makes it easier to fish from like the light since we can’t get above in the attic. We usually put a notch on the wall where the ceiling transitions to the wall to get down to the switch.

This is usually the only place where we have drywall damage and have to have a repair done.

This is a common excepted method for installing pot lights in a finish ceiling.

Why Should I Use The Gimble Style Pot Lights?

We mentioned this time and time again but you can’t go wrong with a newer style LED pot. The trim is built right into the bulb.

They are wafer thin so they will fit in half-inch drywall. Believe it or not we don’t even need to cut out strapping or anything else involved in the way.

The connector box that comes with these lights is very small usually 2“ x 3“ x 1“ deep.

This makes for easy connections and we just shove it up in behind the pot light.

The gimbal style for vaulted ceiling is usually a little thicker than a half an inch so we have to be a little more careful.

However it is worth it because we would like to install the gimbal wherever we can.

These are much more aesthetically pleasing then straight down pot lights.

The reason is if you install these on an angled ceiling when you’re walking by they seem to be shining in your eyes sideways.

how to install pot lights in a vaulted ceiling

Can I Use Regular Style Flush Mount?

You can use regular style pot lights, there is nothing saying that you cannot.

However keep in mind if you use regular style pot like there’s usually a junction can box that needs to go up into the ceiling.

Installed in a vaulted ceiling that is usually the insulation behind it.

You will need to make sure that the can light is rated for an insulated ceiling firstly.

Secondly you’re more likely end up with drywall damage. You will need to cut a hole in the joist to do it or you will have to move it.

You cannot cut your roof rafters in the ceiling joist to get the pot like to installed so therefore you have to go alongside of them.

This can end up with the ceiling not looking symmetrical when you install the pot lights.

Should I Stay Away From Can Lights?

You can see from the picture below of what a can light actually looks like.

You can also see how hard they would be them out and finished vaulted ceiling.

Doing drywall repairs due to cutting holes to get the pot lights installed and sometimes end up being more costly than just going with a better quality pot light.

Remember you always get what you pay for and the big box store bulk deals on the pot lights are not always the best.

how to install pot lights in a vaulted ceiling

Can I Use A Dimmer With These Lights?

You can use dimmers with a variety of different types of pot lights.

The key to having a successful dimmer is to make sure you match it up to the style of pot lights that you were installing.

For example the older style can lights usually have halogen bulbs.

These halogen bulbs have to match up with an incandescent style dimmer.

If you install newer style LED pot lights in the dimmer also needs to be ready for LED lights.

If you try to use an incandescent dimmer with LED lights it will not work correctly.

They will flash like a strobe when you try to use them or not dim at all.

What If I Can’t Fish The Wires?

Unfortunately if you cannot fish the wire through the ceiling then you were into a situation where you will have to remove the ceiling.

If you cannot get the wires through the normal strapping procedure then you may be looking at removing the ceiling also.

Some wooden ceilings are fastened directly to the joist which means there’s no cavity for us to run the wire through.

Be certain that you check for this before you hire an electrician to do the job and waste your money.

It really boils down to how bad do you want your pot lights. Are you willing to remove the ceiling to get them installed?

How Many Pot Lights Should I Install In The Vaulted Ceiling?

Being careful with the amount of pot lights that you installed and if all the ceiling is very important.

Remember a vaulted ceiling is usually a showcase of a home.

If you install too many pot lights in your ceiling will end up looking like swiss cheese.

In larger rooms we recommend going at least 4 feet apart on a vaulted ceiling.

If your ceiling is 12 feet or higher then we recommend going at least 6 feet apart between pot lights.

Remember the higher you go the more light wash or lumens you will get on the floor surface.

Can I Replace My Dated Pot Lights With New Led?

Actually replacing the trims of your older style pot lights with new LED ones is a great idea.

They make a variety of different types of trims and assortment of sizes and colors.

They usually come with a socket on the back that you can screw right into your old pot light cans socket.

We will include more here and what we recommend for LED lights.

You can also get these to have a smart component that change colours and work right from your phone.

how to install pot lights in a vaulted ceiling

Be careful on how many of these you installed as it can greatly reduce your Wi-Fi speeds. One or two is ok but if you install a bunch they will hog all your wifi signal for updates.

If you decide to install a bunch of these then we recommend installing a separate router that you can assign these lights too.

That way it isn’t taking from your main routers signal.