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How Much Does It Cost To Move An Electric Meter

How Much Does It Cost To Move An Electric Meter

The article will help you understand how much does it cost to move an electric meter. Also the process involved with the power company and electrician.

On Average it can cost up to $2500 dollars to move an electric meter from point A to B. Most of the cost comes dished out to the electrician and power company to bring their trucks. If you are into moving the service entrance than you can expect to pay double and upwards of $5000 dollars.

There are different scenarios that could be involved with the process.

1.So How Much Does It Cost To Move An Electric Meter?

This is a very difficult question to answer.

If you were just looking to replace the siding behind the meter. You simply just need to have it pulled off the house so the side and can be slid behind.

If you were looking to completely move the meter and you will need to get your local power utility is involved.

This will result in a disconnect reconnect by the power utility. These can get costly and cause longer power outage times.

2.How Much Does It Cost To Move An Electric Meter If I Call Them Myself?

No you cannot move your electrical meter yourself.

You need to have a qualified or certified electrician to do that for you.

They will need to call your local power utility set up the disconnect and reconnect for you. This is usually where the charges come in to play.

They may also have to do some reconfiguring with the power service itself to move it to the new location or re-run wires for the new service mast.

3.How Much Does It Cost To Move An Electric Meter If I want To Replace Siding?

To replace the siding on your home around your metre can be relatively easy.

To keep it simple you might want to just use a J trim and trim out around the meter box.

This will avoid having anything to do with the power company involved in removing the meter so you do not have to endure charges.

If you do wish to have the meter removed then you can most likely call your power utility yourself.

They will come pull the meter off so you can back the screws out of the meter base.

This is so you can slide the siding behind the meter base itself.

how much does it cost to move an electric meter

4.How Much Does It Cost To Move An Electric Meter-When Will My Power Be Out ?

Depending on what you need to have done your power can be out as little as 15 minutes upwards of the whole day.

If you need to have the entire service entrance moved to move the meter itself then it will take the electrician some time.

Usually in the morning the power company will come and disconnect the power service. The electrician will then move the meter with the service.

After that it will need to be inspected by a proper utility inspector and then reconnected by the power utility.

This is a common process that we do a lot of times for service upgrades or new service changes.

We often find ourselves sitting around waiting for the power utility to show back up to reconnect the service.

If this is planned and you expect to have power for no power for 8 to 10 hours. You should obviously not open your fridge or freezer and take the necessary precautions to allow for the outage.

5.How Much Does It Cost To Move An Electric Meter-How Do I Know The Power Company Will Move It?

The power company will always move the service the question comes down to money and what is actually involved.

We strongly recommend consulting in your local electrician to find out the process for your unique situation.

The costs can vary from as little as couple hundred to a couple thousand.

There have been a few odd cases where there is no power poles to service the new location of your electrical service. The power company will usually give you the option of having more power poles installed.

This does not usually come for free. At $1000 dollar per pole it can add up quick.

6.Will They Look For Other Electrical Issues While They Are There?

In some cases while we were in doing other electrical work the inspector has done a walk-through of the home and force the customer to do code upgrades.

They can do this because once the electrical service has been technically disconnected for whatever reason. This includes moving the service gives them the right to do a walk-through.

You should be aware of this situation before you go into the project.

Your local electrician can take you through the process and have a look around. So you don’t get caught with your pants down when it comes time to do the job.

Additional costs added to something that you never expected can be a big surprise and can add up in the thousands.

The inspectors call this the shock and fire hazard rule. This pretty much covers anything they see necessary to be replaced as they’re doing their walk-through.

This includes missing plug plates broken light fixtures things not properly done up to code. More on residential wiring here.

They will need to get to the electrical panel to inspect to make sure the services were properly moved. This is the time they will pick up on these other issues.

If you have an inspector that is having a particularly bad day or does not like the electrician that you’re using then if you can become an issue.

how much does it cost to move an electrical meter

7.How Much Does It Cost To Move The whole Electrical Service?

Moving the whole electrical service can be an expensive process for a 100 amp we usually charge between 1500 and $2000.

For a 200 amp we usually charge $2000 to $3000. This includes the truck fees permit fees inspection fees and anything associated with moving the service itself.

If the old service does not meet code then you are required to bring it up to new code. To meet proper height to meet the qualified standards of your local area.

This is where the permits come in to play.

8.If I have The Electrical Service Disconnected Will I Have to Do Code Upgrades?

As mentioned above once the electric service has been disconnected by the utility. It gives the inspection department the full right to walk through the home.

Be careful what you ask for and know upfront what you’re getting yourself into. This can relate to additional costs that you do not want to pay for.

9.Are There Any Other Hidden Costs?

There should be no hidden costs providing your electrician is upfront with you and takes you through the full process.

They should include these costs in their price to you and be knowledgeable enough to know if there will be any hidden costs involved.

Consult in your local electrician they can advise you or quote the price up for you to move the electrical service.

10.Some Other Helpful Tips

A few years ago we found ourselves into a situation where the customer purchased a mobile home moved it and then try to have it reconnected.

They purchased the mobile home for a relatively good cost.

Once they moved it before it could help me hook back up if needed to be completely brought up to code as per their local utility.

This resulted in an additional $6000 in code upgrades to have the service repaired and all of the indoor repairs done to the home.

The customer did not allow for this resulting in them mobile home being more costly than expected.

It pays to do your research locally in your area before making any decisions on what to do when it comes to how to move the meter or service.

You can find more on panels and gear for what we recommend here.

11.How do I get my electric meter moved outside?

The process of moving an electric meter is fairly simple. You will need to contact your power company and they will help you out with the cost and logistics. The electrical contractor will also be needed for the project.

If you live in Texas, for example, you can find more information on how to move your meter here.

When it comes to prices, the cost of moving a meter falls into three categories: Moving a service entrance or new service entrance costs around $5000; moving a meter from inside to outside costs about $2500; and moving a meter from outside to inside costs about $500.

You’ll notice that the process of moving a meter from inside to outside is significantly cheaper than moving a service entrance which is why people often choose this option first.

12.Does my electric meter have to be outside?

A meter can be either inside or outside. If your meter is outside, the service entrance will typically be on the side or front of your house. You’ll need to hire an electrician to move it.

If you have an electric meter that’s inside, you can get it moved to your basement by hiring a contractor for $2500 dollars.

13.Can an electric fuse box be moved?

It is possible to move an electric fuse box from point A to point B. The issue is that it can be expensive and it’s not always the best option.

When moving a fuse box, you will need to make sure all of the grounds and power sources are matched up with their appropriate counterparts. And if the power source for one side of your home isn’t available, you’ll need to find another power source for your box or risk frying every appliance in your home when it’s switched on.

This process becomes even more complicated if your home has multiple service entrances or if you have older homes with outdated wiring systems. When old underground substations are replaced, homeowners may have to switch out their fuse boxes as well.

14.How much does it cost to relocate a main electrical panel?

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation when it comes to the cost of moving an electrical panel. It can be hard to figure out what your moving costs are, but we’re here to set the record straight.

The reason for this is because most electricians don’t include the cost of moving a service entrance in their scope. If you plan on doing the work yourself than you should expect to pay double or even up to $5000 dollars depending on how much needs moving and where you live in terms of labor rates.

If you need help with any other related services, such as a permit, check our blog post on electrical permits for more information!