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How Much Does A Wind Turbine Cost-What Are They Worth

How Much Does A Wind Turbine Cost-What Are They Worth

Thinking of making a green investment and wondering how much does a wind turbine cost? The price can vary greatly depending on what you plan to do.

In general large wind turbines start around one million and then go up depending on power production and location to the grid. The payback on the power production is quick however out of reach for most. It is advised to consolidate a community project where a number of investors contribute to the overall cost.

Smaller residential wind turbine are more practical in price starting at just $5000.00 dollars. Read on is a breeze.

how much does a wind turbine cost

So Just How Much Does A Wind Turbine Cost?

Wind turbines can be an expensive proposition to get into. For large commercial wind forward up front they can cost millions of dollars. Most times when you see a large waiting firm is a subsidized by the government to provide green energy. Occasionally you will see these large wind turbines in clumps of 12 or three which usually indicate that they are a smaller project.

Some communities get together and subsidize these projects. The style wind turbine usually start between one usually start between one and $1.5 million. They generate power directly back to the grid and if installed in the right location can produce implements of power. One large wind turbine is enough to power whole neighborhood. So the payback. On the investment is quite short. Are although not experiencing directly we have had sources that have told us that these larger turbines produced between 100 and $200,000 in electricity per year. At a cost of $1 million that should put you at a time your payback for your investment.

With a smaller wind turbines location is the key. It’s important to do your research before you decide to us Before you decide to install a smaller wind turbine. These usually start around $5000 and can be as much as $50,000 depending on the size. This would put you in the 1 to 10 kW range for production. As opposed to larger wind turbines you would have for example 500 kW to a mega watt of production.


How Much Money can be Made Investing In Wind Turbines?

If you plan to get together with a group of investors to invest in larger wind turbines this can be profit. As an example if you had 10 investors and you all invested $100,000 for $1 million turbine your pay back and be as little as 10 years. Let’s see the wind turbine produces $100,000 per year. Anything after 10 years is pure profit.

Excluding maintenance costs. So if you have 10 investors after 10 years you would have a $10,000 profit per year as a single investor. This is why I can be an advantage to invest in multiple wind turbines if you have the money upfront.

Some financial institutions will even work with you to help you purchase these larger winter vines. Your investor group will need to work out a relationship for non-peak tariff to produce energy back to the grid.

how much does a wind turbine cost

How Much Does A Wind Turbine Cost For A House?

Basic wind turbines for a home and start around $5000 and go up. Keep in mind location is key. If you’re in your location or you need to have a higher tower to get above the trees and obviously this will cost more money. Do you want the lowest tower as possible to minimize on costs and maintenance.

Higher towers can lead to more maintenance can be more cumbersome and cost more money to maintain and build. The starting point is $5000 for the wind turbine this does not include installation they can go upwards of $50,000 or more. Do your research before looking to get into this type of investment.

We recommend getting wind data on your area before you do anything. The wind that a inland would not be the same as the wind data next to the ocean or a water source. If you have consistent wind then it may be feasible for you to invest in wind energy. Larger residential units can generate as much as 20 or 30 kW can produce some power back to the grid. Although most systems are not installed like this as I usually directly run loads or pump the energy in to battery banks.

These battery banks if needed to store the energy can end up adding even more to the project. More cost of the project mean more payback. You will see some farms that have done this method. We do this because it is very feasible for them. Most farms have open field areas which allow for steady continuous wind. At this case or at this point is more feasible for them to install wind power especially for smaller commercial businesses that consume a lot of energy.

Does The Installation Location Matter?

Just because you look up and see the leaves blowing around on your trees does not mean that you have a lot of wind power for you. This is just simple wind gusts. Do you want a location or choose a location that has continuous wind. Next to a lake. By the open ocean. Or in large fields.

Windy locations do matter where you install the wind turbine. Also as mentioned above if you have the turbine in an open area then you can have a lower tower which ends up in less installation costs and maintenance costs for the future. So location does matter and is very important to your investment.

How Long Does A Wind Turbine Take To Pay For Itself?

For larger wind turbines to pay back. Can be as little as 10 years. This is provided that the turbine is installed in adequate location. For smaller winter vines unfortunately payback can be 20 years plus. At this point you need to look at whether it is feasible or not. Not all wind turbine projects or feasible.

Wind turbine uses 25-30% of the energy. Most turbines are 25 MW (Electricity: 25-50kWh/month), 100+ KWH. The total cost of owning and operating a 100kW system can be as low as $11.50 per month in the beginning. These systems take about 20 years to pay for themselves, In the end of 20 years, the turbine will have cost about $200,000 – $300,000. Don’t Forget that There Are Costs to Grid Reliability Homes or towns that are mostly solar homes can easily put the energy saved by wind turbines back on the grid, which is a good thing. However, if you are in a town or city, where electricity is not readily available in your area or is very intermittent, then a wind turbine may not be practical. Bigger Homes If you have a big house, you might not want to buy a wind turbine in the first place.

Are Home Wind Turbines Worth It?

Make sense if you are building or investing in a home wind turbine? How much does a Wind Turbine cost.Competition can also come with the popularity of wind turbines and that is what makes pricing a little tricky. When setting the price, you’ll want to look at the total cost that you will be paying in the long run.

Not just initial cost of the turbine. A lot of times you can find an additional premium for solar panels or wind turbines. An example can be found at We Energy. This is a pretty good price and looks pretty good in pictures. However, they do have a good deal on a large wind turbine too. So what is this one actually worth? If you are in a rural area of Canada you might consider a 10 KW wind turbine.

How Much Maintenance Is Involved?

The components of a wind turbine have a life. This lifetime is not a matter of weeks but many months. Maintenance is the expensive part as many components have to be serviced and parts replaced and is expected every 10-15 years. Maintenance costs can be quite large.

Usually for a number of factors the manufacturer will determine a cost. There are many ways to approach this, for example: Maintenance estimates are based on the expected annual operation of the unit. – Take into consideration the potential additional workload created by adding a capacity factor to the system. “What happens if there’s a complete failure on one of the wind turbine generators? How can it be replaced? It can Be Costly.

Smaller and residential wind turbines peoples properties or firms are used for different purposes. Most of these wind turbines do not generate electricity back to the grid. Some wind turbines do not produce the ample amount of energy at the larger ones. The pay back all the smaller winter vines or 20 years or more.

How Long Do Wind Turbines Last?

Because the wind is in constant motion and producing many oscillations the length of time for a wind turbine to operate is around 5 to 10 years. Older wind turbines are often discarded once the manufacturer says that the blades are worn and no longer serviceable.

You will need to be extra careful with the hardware and materials used, which may be replaceable. Some parts can be easily mended or removed for inspection. Types Of Wind Turbines And The Cost The most common wind turbine is the two blade turbine. This type of turbine produces a larger output than the single blade turbines. Wind turbines are classified as either horizontal axis or vertical axis, depending on how they face into the wind.

Do I Need An Electrician To Install A Wind Turbine?

A typical home owner is not an electrician. Therefore, homeowners do not need an electrician to install a wind turbine. It is advised to consult with a licensed electrician to assist with the installation. How Long Does A Wind Turbine Take To Complete? No one can answer this in exactly the same way.

A typical wind turbine can take around 24 hours to be fully set up. You can access online forums to find out how long it takes for other individuals to have their wind turbines fully ready to operate. Do I Need To Drill A Well? At this time there is no need to drill a well. You can connect a 12/24 volt line to the wind turbine’s power supply. It is not recommended to leave the wind turbine unattended for an extended period of time.

Can I Finance My Wind Turbine

If you are interested in wind turbines and how you can buy them then the first step is to buy a company. Usually a person will start off by buying a company that specializes in wind turbines. Then they need to determine what size wind turbine would be suitable for their home or small business.

You need to factor in the cost of the materials that are needed, the lease agreement and the cost of the permit (or permits). In wind turbine leasing most states requires you to purchase a permit when installing the wind turbine. Depending on the size of the wind turbine, you will be required to purchase a permit. This cost can range from several hundred to thousands of dollars. If you are interested in buying an on-site wind turbine, you must purchase the same permit.

We hoped this article better help you understand how much doe a wind turbine cost.

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