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How Many Pot Lights Do I Need

How Many Pot Lights Do I Need

When it comes to how many pot lights do I need we can help. In this post let our years of experience in residential help you decide how many you need for a room.

Typically for larger room we install 4 inch pot lights every 3 to 4 feet. Be careful not to install too many pot lights in the room or the ceiling will end up looking like Swiss cheese.

So How Many Lights Do I Need?

Nowadays lights are much brighter than they used to be. The actual trim has a frosted glass inside of the pot light which is lower to the ceiling height.

This helps reflect more lumens into the area to be lit. One of the first decisions that you need to make is what kind of pot light you wish to install and what size.

If you’re going to go with 3 inch lights then obviously you’ll need more than if you go with 6 inch lights. The larger the light obviously the more lumens.

Some newer LED pot lights now have colour temperature select from 3K to 5K.

5K being the brightest. We tend to try to pick a medium balance when installing pot lights and then put them on the dimmer to dim them.

How Many Pot Lights Do I Need In My Kitchen?

A kitchen should be a well lit area. You want enough light to do food prep. We generally trying to install kitchen lights 18 inches from the edge of the cabinet. If you go to far back or to the middle of the room you get shadowing.

If you’re standing under the lights it’s important to get right in the kitchen for a number reasons.

You want them to be aesthetically pleasing, however you don’t want to get too many installed because it will make your ceiling look terrible.

How Many Pot Lights Do I Need In My Basement?

We tend to install more lights in the basement just simply because the basement tends to be darker.

If we are installing them in the rec room then we usually try to stay away from the TV area so that you can have your pot lights on while you’re watching TV. The lighting reflected by the pot lights off the TV sometimes makes it hard to watch.

We will usually install every 3 to 4 feet with a 4 inch pot light in the basement we also turned them up on 5K to make it brighter. Since you don’t want a dark and dingy basement this is an easy solution.

Do I Need More Pot Lights If I Dim Them?

Generally yes you should have more lights if you plan to dim them out. More is always better. Most dimmers can handle up to 600 watts of power flowing through them easily.

Dimmers come in a variety of assorted styles and colors. You can also get smart dimmers to control your lights from a phone or mobile device.

For more on the dimmers we recommend……..

How Far Off The Wall Should They Be?

The distance recessed lights should be mounted from the wall varies.

If you were going to install pot lights in an area for general lighting then you should go at least 3 feet off the wall. This will help with the general area in the room. A 4 inch pot light in an 8 foot ceiling will only give a lumen wash of about 7 feet.

You need to make sure that the recessed lighting is close enough together that it will wash the floor properly. If you plan to use recessed lights to illuminate pictures on walls or a China cabinet for example. You would want to go a minimum of 3 feet or closer from the wall.

This will allow the recessed light to shine a third of the way down the wall space. If you want to get more technical than you can get a gimbal style recessed light which also comes in LED.

The style lights are adjustable angle towards the wall.

We use these in specific areas to light wall pictures, furniture, signs etc.

For more on the style gimbal light find out more but I recommend a product page.

how many pot lights do i need

How Far Off The Cabinets Should They Be?

If you have a specific cabinet you want to avoid for example a glass cabinet or kitchen cabinet with glass doors in the front and we recommend going 12 to 18 inches from the front of the ceiling.

You can also use a gimbal style recessed light and angle it more towards the cabinet.

In some cases you can put them right in the cabinet as most cabinets have a false backdrop or space in them.

Installing small recessed lights in each part of the cabinet can look very nice.

What Color Temperature Should I Use ?

Most people like a warmer colour temperature or warm white light.

This would be a 2700K or 3000 K model recessed lights. Once you start to get into the 4k or 5K the lumens get brighter and wider.

You may want to use the 4 k in areas that are darker or you are doing specific task.

For example you would use 5K in an office setting. This will be the equivalent to a fluorescent light output.

Do They have To Be Symmetrical In A Room?

Absolutely not there’s nothing written in stone saying that your pot lights must be an aligned or symmetrical with all the other lights in the room.

Sometimes in smaller rooms, we make patterns with the pot lights in a circle or an oval or square.

Oval shaped five or six within the space look very nice in the bedroom.

What Kind Of Pot Lights Do I Need?

As you can see you can really do what you want when it comes to your recessed lighting.

There’s no code rules to go by when it comes for placement.

It really depends on the lumen level and the usage of the area that you want to light.

Be careful not to install too many lights in an area. This tends to make the ceiling look like Swiss cheese and kind of tacky.

You have to get an equal balance with the other lighting in the room.

How Long Do Led Lights Last?

The actual durability of the newer style LED lights will last for 25 or 30 years.

The LED technology has a lifespan designed for the recessed lights.

They are also constructed with an anodized aluminum so they do not rust.

They are great wet for damp locations you would like the look of them as they give a very nice light.

For more of the style recessed light to hear about a recommended product product page.