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Electric Heater Cost For Garage- A Buyers Guide

Electric Heater Cost For Garage- A Buyers Guide

Wondering what an electric heater cost for a garage is ? Not sure what to get or purchase. Let us guide you through the process.

On Average one should expect to pay $200 to $500 dollars for a decent quality garage heater. Most garage heaters are required to give a quick heat to recover the space once a garage door has been open. Choosing a larger construction style wall or ceiling mounted heater is your best option. This is providing you have enough available power to handle the size heater unit one wishes to install.

There are several options when choosing a heater for different applications so read on.

1.Electric Heater Cost For Garage-Fan Forced Type

It’s quite easy to warm your garage with an electric heater just by using a thermostat. However, you can also invest in an electric heater fan forced if you wish to heat up the room more than one electric heater. If you go for an electric heater fan forced, it needs more power source to run effectively. You may require 240 volt power feed.

You should not go for an electric heater fan if the ceiling fan provides enough heat. Instead, invest in a wall mounted heater for garage wall mounted if the ceiling fan is electric.

Most fan forced units will heat a garage quickly, this will give you a fast recovery time if you open a garage door to bring a vehicle in. Be aware these units can consume large amounts of power over extended periods of time. Especially if doors or windows are left open.

A heater doesn’t always need power source, especially if you have one outlet that can provide enough power for a heater. In this case, the electric heater is for temporary heat use only.

Here are some of our top picks to help you with the electric heater cost for a garage. You should expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars for a quality unit.

2.Electric Heater Cost For Garage-Wall Unit

Choosing a wall-mounted heater to fit an existing garage wall.

When choosing the right size for your garage wall heaters there are a few things to consider. For smaller wall mounted heater in town at work we recommend to consider buying portable electric heaters. The portable heaters are more cost effective. You can get battery power and if need be even bring an extension cord to power the unit. Portable heater can be plugged into a standard 120 volt electric outlet.

For you high ceiling area installations we recommend heater units with 1500 watts or more. Those units will give you plenty of heat energy and can handle high ceilings.

Unlike portable units, wall mounted units are more costly.

Up to a 5000 watt size will give you a quick heat. They can cost upwards of $500 or more.

3.How much does it cost to heat a garage with electric

A standard size heater is said to cost $150 while a larger model costs $400.

For runtime it can cost upward of $100s per month in electricity depending on how large of a scape you wish to heat. For example if you wish to heat the garage all the time then expect your power bill to go up somewhere around 100 per bill.

Garage can be a great place to keep some old space heaters in case you want to trade them in for an electric heater. However, it needs to be used cautiously as these can become more expensive than the equivalent electric heater in the marketplace.

4.Do Electric Garage Heaters Use A Lot Of Electricity?

The short answer is no. A 6,500 watt unit is going to use about 6.5 kw of electricity per hour. This is a little more than a small microwave. This is because the electric unit is usually running constantly during the garage’s time of use. The electric unit will save you money since you no longer have to run any gas appliances.

Depending on your power rate this would be about 50 cents per hour of runtime. Keep in mind if the garage door is open a lot then this can add up quick. So be aware of this issue.

5.Will a 1500 watt heater heat a garage?

Surprisingly not!

Fully installed electric garage heaters give a better feeling than a 1,500 watt unit to start with. But the heat will also be dispersed on the immediate walls where the heater is installed. After installation, it will take a little while to understand which is the best spot to get the maximum impact from the heater.

The maximum you would get out of a 1500 watt heater would be about 150 square feet. Which is smaller than most garage spaces.

This is because the heater will also draw heat from the small garage space. A much heater is needed. To be safe use 15 watts of heat per square foot.

Electric heaters are the outcome of years of invention and advancement. We see the cost of an electric heater for a large commercial property could be $2,000 a month.

electric heater cost for garage

6.Does a heated garage add value?

Are you contemplating the idea of a heated garage but are hesitant to go for one? If not then perhaps you can decide whether your heater is a useful addition to your property and this will help you decide whether the cost of electric heater can be justified?

Benefits of electric heater

Electric heater is just like an electric cook stove which can be used in home and do its job just as well when used in your garage.

It saves your utility bills

Electric heater burns the heat and uses the warm air in the surrounding area and this is more effective than a traditional gas or electric stove.

Good for proper temperature control

The heater remains at a specific temperature range, you will be able to regulate the temperature within the space.

7.Is it safe to put a space heater in a garage?

If your garage does not have radiant heating, no worries. Most electric heating units provide protection from sparks, hot surfaces and use a safety system, that kicks in if the heater tips over.

Can I use an electric heater on a wood stove in the garage?

No, you cannot. The heater must not be placed near a fireplace or wood stove.

Can I use a fireplace to heat a garage?

Not really. The heat produced by a fireplace (either gas or wood) may not reach the heater. Additionally, the fire place is not necessary for optimal efficiency.

Electric Heaters require no maintenance or very little.

Electric heating units require cleaning, regular maintenance and refilling to maintain their reliability. Furthermore, the temperature may go above the required threshold level which could pose the risk of a fire hazard.

8. How do you size a garage heater?

As a general rule use 10 watts per square foot for an insulated garage and 15 watts per square foot for an uninsulated garage. For example a 500 square foot garage space would need a 5000 watt heater. These are all factors when determining the electric heater cost for garage.

If you are looking for a medium-sized heater for your garage, then the best option is to opt for an electric heater. The bigger and heavier the heater, the more practical your choices will be. Most of the electric heaters available are bigger in size and come with several accessories, such as heaters for vents, radiators, and outlets.

If you are looking for a small-sized garage heater for your garage, consider purchasing a heater that has a frost proof enclosure. It is more sensible to purchase a heater which is made of a recycled material like cardboard or polystyrene foam. These materials are eco-friendly and will not create any waste. Hence, it is a good idea to consider insulation when planning your garage heater purchase.

9.Is gas or electric cheaper to heat garage?

Beware that electric heaters will cost you more. They can cost up to $100 or more.

However, gas heaters will cost you about 50% less and will last longer than electric.

An all electric heater can be well cost efficient, as it would have no or little additional costs involved. With propane or gas you will need to have it serviced with additional ongoing costs. so keep that in mind.

How to choose an electric heater?

You are looking for a special heater for a room, garage or even basement?

The first thing to consider when choosing an electric heater is its heating capacity. The heating ability is measured in kilowatts (kW), this gauge is expressed in the heat of 10 watt per square foot.

10.Do garage heaters need to be vented?

Gas type heaters do most defiantly yeas as oppose to electric do not. Sometime gas heaters can loose efficiency because they need to be used in a well ventilated area. Which defeats the purpose.

If your garage is a bit tight for the electric heater, you can try the ceiling mounted single zone option. It has an excellent flue seal and the heater unit will be mounted on the exterior ceiling of the garage.

If you are planning on having an electric heater in the attic, we will suggest you invest in a purpose designed, low profile storage heater. These units are better suited to make the most of available space and are also easier to install.

If you are not planning on having an electric heater in the attic, you can go for smaller motorised heaters for the entrance or the center portion of your garage door.

What size heater will I need?

There are three sizes of electric heater you can choose from: small, medium and large. We will guide you through the process.

11.How much does it cost to run a 5000 watt heater for 24 hours?

The cost varies based on several factors. Let’s look at the best options.

If you have a standard sized garage door that has no interior overhang the cost of running this type of heater is around $75-$85 per month. This covers the power costs of the unit and the electricity to run. This doesn’t include the labor of turning the heater on and off, setting timers and so on. However, this is not a particularly costly source of heating.

If you have a large garage door you will require a longer time for the heat to reach the interior, thereby adding extra cost.

Consider the variety of size options and costs. Remember, more powerful units will cost more. A higher priced unit will need more time to heat.

electric heater cost for garage

12.Do forced air propane heaters need electricity?

No, forced air heaters do not require electricity to function properly. However, they can be plugged into an electrical outlet and will take the electrical power from your outlet. If your garage is not ventilated there may not be a need to have your heater plugged in.

Do garage heaters make more noise?

They are quieter than an air conditioner unit, but you will still hear the heater.

Do they need a separate AC circuit?

No. Garage heaters are connected to the electrical wiring in your home.

Do electric heaters have remote controls?

Yes, remote controls are available on many brands. Some heaters are programmable.

Do garage heaters make my garage smell like gas?

No. Garage heaters are generally quiet enough that the smell is not noticed.