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Cost To Install Pot Lights 2020

Cost To Install Pot Lights 2020
cost to install pot lights 2020

Ever wonder the cost to install pot lights 2020. It’s not as much as you think. In this post we will tell you how to find the deal.

In 2020 most traditional pot lights with the can behind them have become a thing of the past. All new led pot lights are now the slim design and can be mounted anywhere in any ceiling. Some contractors are installing them for as low as $60 dollar each.

Cost To Install Pot Lights 2020

The cost to install pot lights in 2020 and 2021 really depends on the style of pot light that you wish to have installed.

In most cases for the new LED style pot lights we charge $60 per light.

These are very easy to install for us and we can make quick work of them. If you’re doing a new installation then we simply hang the piece of 14 to wire until we come back to install the light.

Smash plates or metal 4 inch plates are put in place to secure the light after the fact.

If you wish to get an older style pot light with a can behind then these can cost up to $100 per light depending on the style the bulb and the trim you select.

This is why new LED lights are more cost-effective there a breeze to install.

Cost To Install Pot Lights 2020 In A Finished Ceiling

The cost to install any type of recessed light in a finished ceiling should cost between 80 and $100 each by certified electrician.

This results in higher labour rates due to having to fish the wires through the ceiling space.

A good electrician can do it without damage however in some cases damage is necessary. The electrician will advise you on the best solution for your situation.

Obviously the LED lights will cost less. Installing pot lights in a finished ceiling with a can behind can be tricky.

The electrician will have to look out for floor joists or roof rafters behind where they cut the pot light in.

This can result in a miss placement and an extra hole or two in your ceiling. It can also prohibit you from having the pot lights exactly where you want them.

It’s very rare that we cut six or eight pot lights in the kitchen and they all work out where they’re supposed to be.

Do The New Led Lights Cost Less?

Obviously the new LED style pot lights to cost less to install. This is strictly due to the reduced labour costs.

As LED technology becomes more popular there are more government rebates on the LED lights themselves.

This results in end-user savings to you. LED pot lights come in variety of selections colours and sizes is simply your best option to go with.

How Much To Install Them On A Dimmer?

When we install a dimmer on LED pot lights the dimmer needs to be rated for LED this is very important.

We generally charge between 40 and $50 for an LED pot light dimmer depending on the style and the application.

If you’d like to switch it from one location then generally the LED dimmer tends to be cheaper.

If you wish to switch it from two or more locations then you’re required to have a three-way dimmer which is more costly.

However if you wish to get into smart switches to control your lights from your phone and the cost can go up even more.

There are also different types of styles of switches whether it be decora or straight toggle.

Toggle switch dimmers are cheaper than decora switch dimmers. Decora switch dimmers are the square style that we install in higher end homes.

What Can I Do To Help Keep The Cost Down?

One great secret factor to helping with the cost is to figure out and do your research before you discuss it with your contractor.

Its also a good idea to figure out placement and the access the contractor will have.

This will enable the contract and give you a more accurate price as to the location and how they can wire the fish into place.

You may also want to look at having several pot lights in several areas in your home installed once.

This will result in less trips for your contractor which will result in less labor.

Every area is cleaned out for the contractor to work so they have easy access.

There’s nothing worse than having to move furniture and clutter here at the area you need to work as this results in more labor time and more cost.

Have a plan drawn up and email it to your contractor so they can give you a quote as well.

Should I Purchase The Pot Lights

In any case you should always consult with your local electrician to find out what is the best option for you.

Some electricians will not want you purchasing the pot lights yourself as they will prefer to supply them.

If the electrician will let you purchase the light yourself then a big box store is your best bet.

Additionally here are some links that you can purchase online through a recommended products for lighting. For more on that click here.

If you’re planning to do renovations or doing a new house with the drywall where it will be removed. Then it’s a good idea to get a contractor to come in to run the wires first.

They will usually leave the wires hanging in the spots where you want to install the pot lights.

Have your drywall contractor cut the 4 inch holes save the electrician time. It’s not a difficult process and they can do this during the taping of the drywall.