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Can I install Pot Lights Myself

Can I install Pot Lights Myself

If you landed on this post wondering, can I install pot lights myself then you came to the right place. We will tell you all you need to know about installing them.

No, you can not technically install your own 120 volt pot lights by code. You will need a certified electrician to do that for you. However you can install low voltage pot or puck lights yourself. Its very easy and they are usually only 12 or 24 volt that plug in.

Can I Install Pot Lights Myself?

You cannot technically install pot lights yourself. You must have a certified electrician do this for you.

Working with line voltage 120 V power can be dangerous. So it is best to have a qualified professional.

Some good news though is that there are pot lights on the market also referred to as puck lights that you can install yourself.

Our code states that anything over 48 votes must be performed by qualified electrician.

However anything under 48 Volt whether this is DC power or AC power. Can be performed by anyone.

This includes communications wires and low-voltage lighting.

Low-voltage lighting comes in all kinds of forms. You can buy low-voltage lighting that looks like pot lights.

The wiring run for this low-voltage lighting almost looks like speaker wire. You can also get lighting to plug-in. Plugging lights in is simply your best option.

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Can I Install Pot Lights Myself If They Plug In?

There are a number of types of pot lights that you can purchase that will plug-in that can be installed yourself.

Commonly they are used under countertops. We call them under counter lighting.

Newer under counter puck light usually come with a plug in 120 Volt transformer.

The other side of the transformer is low voltage anywhere from 12 to 24 V.

They come with wires to run from one pot light to the next. There are also a number of different kinds of LED strip lighting that you can install as well.

For more on these types of lighting you can see here to go to our recommended products page.

What Other Kinds Of Pot Lights Are There?

Pot lights come in a number of different varieties.

Additionally pot lights came with a can. They are also referred to as can lights . The lights can house the trim and lightbulb for the light itself.

They can within mount up inside the ceiling. There are a number of different types of canned pot lights with boxes and some with just straight can.

Each application was different for these. If you had an insulated ceiling then you need to have a minimum of 3 inches clearance around the can.

Because of this the can light would come with the box housing around it to keep the insulation away.

These were great for wrapping installations on new homes but did not work so well if you want to do install pot lights after the fact.

There were also straight canned lights they could go in a non-insulated ceiling.

These could have a 4 inch hole cut and then recessed into the ceiling.

What Is The Difference between A Pot Light And A Puck Light?

The difference between a puck light and a pot light is simple. They look very similar in style and shape.

A puck light is actually a light that mounts on the surface. They do also come in recess versions.

Puck lights are commonly a low-voltage light they also come in a form of LED or halogen.

There are several different types of version of pot lights on the market also referred to as recessed lighting.

Pot lights seem to be leading the industry standard in LED style. They actually come with like a full colour temperature now.

How Many Can I Install On A Circuit?

You can install up to 1500 W of lighting on a single circuit.

Old style recessed can lights with 50 W bulbs would limit due to the amount we could install on a circuit. In addition most dimmer switches only come with a 500 watt or 600 watt rating.

This limits you in the breaking them into groups. Having said that all the new LED style pot lights are between 5 and 7 watts.

If you do the math there’s an endless amount of lighting that you can add one circuit.

We usually run 30 to 50 lights on one circuit itself to minimize wiring labour and breakers.

When it comes to puck lights, you’re a limited to the size of the transformer and put that plugs into the wall.

When we install them we can order a different size transformers for different applications.

Generally we can install as high as 10 puck lights for transformer.

Can These Be Installed In Kitchens ?

Yes this type of lighting can be installed in kitchens.

It is actually a great source of light, either task lighting or general area lighting.

When we install puck lighting, we usually use puck lights under the upper countertops.

They are mounted to the bottom of the counter or the countertop itself. This gives good lumen rating preparing food.

When we install pot lights in the kitchen ceiling we generally stay 24 inches off of the cabinet to light up the kitchen well.

What About Bathrooms ?

Yes, you can install pot lights for recessed lighting in the bathroom.

Most newer LED pot lights come with a powder coated finish which is moisture and rust resistant.

Furthermore most of the trims are made out of anodized aluminum which makes them that much more durable.

Pot lights in bathrooms or washrooms look great over tubs sinks and showers. They can also be used as general area lighting in the bathroom.

Pot lights can be mounted over bathtubs and be installed on dimmers for mood lighting.

There are also LED pot lights on the market today that will change colour from red to green to blue. Looks great over showers.

can i install pot lights myself

Are The New LED Pot Lights Easy To Install?

Actually LED pot lights are one of the easiest things to install.

The newer style LED heads 2 clamps on the back of the trim. The trim itself is powder coated an has the LED built right in.

On back of the led trim has a plug that plugs into the socket provided which gets wire up to 120 volt.

The socket on the back of the light plugs into the junction box provided to wire up. Junction boxes come provided with the fixture.

Inside the junction box is a driver to run the led light.

These lights are amazing to install. We do not have to worry about roof rafters or floor joist being in the way because the led trim is only a half an inch thick.

This allows us to install the light in any place or location in a ceiling.

Can You Install Pot Lights Where There Was An Old Ceiling Fixture?

There are pot lights on the market that can be installed in place of an old light fixture.

The light has a driver that mounts inside of the octagon box where the old light fixture was.

This enables us to mount the pot light right over the old fixture. It’s not completely flush but it’s close.

How Can I Install Them Without Removing Drywall?

Best to leave that one up to the professionals. We have had years of experience installing these. The key to fishing wires without causing damage is patience.

can i install pot lights myself